Self Portrait No.1

I've never been someone who particularly enjoys being in front of the camera, but over the last 12 months I've really struggled with being photographed. Insecurity, self dislike, self judgement, call it what you will. As age has started becoming more than just a number, feelings of ugliness have crept in. slipping away from clothing sizes that have always been easily maintained and controlling hair that is less than cooperative has become increasingly unsettling. 

So I've decided to start a journey to self love. Starting today, I'm embarking on a new project of self portraiture. Not daily, or weekly, but occasionally I plan on taking and posting an image of myself and finding the beauty within. 

The Art of Home Brewing

This Saturday saw The Creatives host the first Art of Home Brewing workshop with Mano A Mano at Gordon Street Garage. All attendees got a savoury or sweet pancake stack, a lesson in the process and ritual of cupping, as well as their own Aeropress to take home . Here is a little peek into the day. If you are interested in attending a future Art of Home Brewing workshop be sure to let me know below! 

All images from the the Art of Home Brewing workshop for The Creatives at Gordon Street Garage in Perth. Hosted by Mano A Mano.

Slow Living Workshop | Sydney

This last week I had the honour of assistant styling and hanging out with Beth Kirby of Local Milk and Rebekka Seale of Camellia Fibre Co. The girls travelled over from Nashville, Tennessee to hold two workshops in both Sydney and Melbourne, both of which I was lucky enough to attend. Together with Luisa Brimble, we worked until we were delirious and we laughed until we cried. Memories upon memories were made and plans hatched. Here is a small glimpse into the Slow Living Workshop in Sydney. All images by me. 

All images from the Slow Living Workshop in Sydney at the wonderful Glenmore House. Hosted by Luisa Brimble, Beth Kirby & Rebekka Seale

Fog Linen Works | ETC.

A few months back I was contacted by my dear friend Yumiko, of Fog Linen in Japan. She asked me to style and take photo's of her beautiful homewares for a new catalogue called ETC. Excitedly, I replied with a resounding yes and the project began. 

Three weeks ago the gorgeous catalogue arrived on my doorstep and I'm so pleased to be able to share just a few of the shots I sent Yumiko. 

Fog Linen Small (6 of 6).jpg