Primoeza | Linen Goodness

Every now and then I come across some really cool Australian brands. I love clothing that is easy to wear, made with linen and quiet colours. Primoeza is a Melbourne based brand by the uber talented Elizabeth Yong. I first stumbled across her beautiful clothing on instagram, of course, and instantly fell in love. Her clothing has an ease about it and a simple beauty. These images are by my clever and wonderful photographer studio mate, Nathan Maddigan

Clothing by Primoeza, shoes by Funkis, photography by Nathan Maddigan

Instagram for Business | 4 Top Tips

"What's your best advice for posting images on Instagram? "

This question is one that I am constantly asked, whether it be in workshops or at networking events. If there's one thing that I'm proud of, it's that I'm pretty much an open book. I've always tried to be transparent, whether it's as a mother of three, chatting with friends or operating my business.  

So, what are my top Instagram tips for growing your brand?  Here they are!


Try to keep your Instagram feed uniformed. If you post your pictures as portraits, continue doing that. Or if you use the full square, use the full square for every image. Keep your level of excellence the same. This is probably the hardest for me. Sometimes I post daily, when inspiration is there and everything seems beautiful. In reality, I'm still a wife and a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend and some days Instagram is the last thing on my mind. Maybe I'll haphazardly pick up my iPhone and shoot something average, just to make sure I post something. Other times, I don't post for weeks at a time. The latter is always the better idea. It's like the old saying, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. If you have nothing nice to post, don't post anything at all.


Probably the single most important thing you can make sure you do, especially as part of such a small, creative community, is to give credit where it's due. If you regram an image make sure you tag the original poster. If you work with another creative on a collaborative project, be sure to mention them when you post an image from it. It's the easiest thing to forget, and the quickest way to lose your network. 


This may seem rather trivial, but another important aspect in growing your brand on social media, is using good images. This deserves a post of its own but for now one thing I will say is, stay away from artificial light! This means flashes and room lights. Take images in bulk near a window in the morning or the afternoon, make sure you stay out of your own light and don't use the flash. Winning. 

image via Still Love 

image via Still Love 

Don't pay for followers. Ever. There's no need for it and no good that comes from it. Whilst you think you're increasing your following and providing a successful looking social media presence, you could be harming your brand and your social profile permanently for a few reasons. For one, business owners and PR companies know that what matters is not your numbers but your engagement. When you pay for followers, they don't engage with you and your brand. So when you had 500 followers and got 40 likes at least it was still relative, now you may have 3000 followers but you're still getting 40 likes and the right people know how to see that. So do your authentic followers. Be organic and authentic and it won't take long before your numbers skyrocket. 

I hope that helps you a little, and be sure to check out the upcoming workshops we have going on over on the Workshops page. We have some really exciting workshops and retreats coming up in the next few months, including a new Creative Business & Branding workshop as well as a HUGE Food Styling and Photography workshop with the queen of photography Luisa Brimble. Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up to the newsletter and make sure you're in the know!

Brooklyn | Travel Journal

I walked away from my two day jaunt in New York feeling incredibly downhearted. I even joked about designing a new poster ‘New York is never a good idea’. My time there was a huge turning point in my life for me, about what I allow myself to become for the sake of being liked and what I give out. A lot happened in that amazing city, but as they say, what happened in New York stays in New York.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt I was floored by the subtlety of Brooklyn. The thrill I got from seeing the token yellow school bus not only inspired me but embarrassed me, revealing my biggest fear, I was a big Aussie tourist. My obviously touristy and not remotely professional camera clicking away at literally everything. We stayed in the most lovely little AirBNB in Williamsburgh and I’ll be back. New York will get a do over.

Kinfolk Gathering | A Messy Meal, Wabi Sabi

One of the greatest things that I’ve been blessed to be a part of in my life has been the Kinfolk magazines community gatherings. For many reasons. I’ve met one of my favourite people and dearest friends in the entire world, Katie. Katie is one of the co-founders of Kinfolk and you’ll see and hear more about how this girl has impacted my life in my travel posts, soon to come.

The community gatherings have also been an amazing way of meeting so many other great creatives around the world and making some beautiful friends out of that, namely Luisa Brimble, Rebekka Seale, Beth Kirby, to name a few. Also, who in their lifetime, doesn’t want to be apart of something, to fit in. These gatherings span across the entire globe. Upwards of 28 locations around the world. Thats all on a global level, but the impact these events have had on the creative community in Perth has astounded me. The connections I’ve made and amazing makers and artisans I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working along side make all the sleepless nights and email filled days worth it. These images were captured by the talented duo, Lauren & Glen behind Still Love Photography in Perth. Our partners included Aesop Skincare, Eucalypt Homewares, Fox & Rabbit, Pretty Willow, Eagle Bay Brewing Co, Kent Street Deli and many more. We’re always blow away with the willingness of our partners. Thank you all, and to those who attend these dinners, you make them what they are. Thank you. 

If you are yet to experience a Kinfolk dinner or if you've been to every single one in Perth so far, we want to tell you about something! Next Saturday the 21st February, we'll be hosting a long table dinner at The Little Leaf Co with Katie Searle-Williams and Georgia Frances King, all the way from the Kinfolk offices in Portland. Katie is a co-founder, whilst Georgia heads up the editing. You don't want to miss this! Go here for more details and tickets

Images via Still Love Photography

Bahen & Co for Ancestry Quarterly

Sometimes I get asked to hang out with the most inspiring people who also happen to be really good people. Josh and Jacq Bahen are just that, good. They are the owners of Bahen & Co, producers of fine dark chocolate. Josh and Jacq are definitely people you want to get to know. Here’s an excerpt of an editorial I was creative director for which recently printed in Chicago based Ancestry Quarterly. To read the rest, make sure you grab a copy!

Bahen & Co article featured in Ancestry Quarterly. Photos by Still Love and written by Em Hazeldean. Creative Direction and Styling by me.

Poach Pear | Product Shoot

Western Australia is becoming a gold mine of fine dining and amazing produce. I've read several articles recently arguing that we're overpriced when it comes to food and beverages but I strongly disagree. It's easy to say we pay too much for a meal, but when you see the love and time that was put into what you're about to eat, it changes the way you think. I've had the honour of watching Adam and Marissa from Poach Pear work their magic on a number of occasions and I always walk away with a renewed love of eating local and artisan made. Here are a selection of images from a recent shoot I photographed for Poach Pear with the styling help of the ever lovely and talented, Bec Tougas.